About TEDxTelAviv

TEDTelAvivWomen, Dec 2013

Thousands of women in more than 150 TEDx events around the world will take part in watching TEDWomen live from SF on Dec 5th.

Together with Abigail Tenembaum [TED speakers' coach] and Liat Aaronson [TEDxTelAviv and TEDxHolyLand co-organizer], Maya Elhalal-Levavi [TEDxTelAviv 2010, 2012 and TEDxLowerEastSide organizer] will host the live simulcast of TEDWomen at TEDxTelAvivWomen on the evening of Dec 5th.

TEDWomen 2013 will continue TED’s multi-year conversation about women’s work and lives, present and future. This is where Sheryl Sandberg gave the talk that lead to her book and movement ‘lean-in’ and where Jane Fonda gave an unforgettable talk about life’s third act.

On top of the great program coming in from SF, TEDxTelAvivWomen will feature a short program of local TEDx talks by Israeli Women.

This event is made possible by McCann Valley and will be hosted at McCann’s boutique cinema in Tel Aviv.


TEDxTelAvivSalon, June 2012

A TEDx Salon is a small recurring event that keeps a TEDx community engaged between larger events.

The first TEDxTelAvivSalon, themed Incentivizing Innovation and Virtue, is impromptu and it’s just around the corner. It is a casual, by invitation, mini TEDx, hosted in a private residence by Guy Spier (TEDxZurich co-organizer) and Maya Elhalal (TEDxTelAviv co-organizer). Between larger scale open events, TEDxTelAviv Salons are designed to keep the TED conversation going, the spreading of elevating ideas by Israeli thought-leaders flowing, and the people who made TEDxTelAviv happen connected.

TEDxTelAviv, April 2010

Thriving on Turmoil
The event theme reflects the inherent contradictions that characterize Israel: ancient-modern, religious-secular, rich-poor, east-west, devout-irreverent, tradition-innovation. TEDxTelAviv will demonstrate how this diversity has catalyzed cutting edge technology, world-class research, great works of art and ingenious social entrepreneurship.

A Spring-Fest of Inspiration
TEDxTelAviv celebrates these achievements with a view towards the challenges facing Israel and the region. The diversity of the speakers, the caliber of the audience, and the uniqueness of the venue promise to make this a memorable meeting of place, mind and soul.

Our Vision and Mission
We believe passionately that ideas change the world. By combining the TED platform with the local energy and spirit, we hope that this gathering will foster innovation and collaboration that will enrich Israel, the broader region and the world at large.