Attending TEDxTelAviv

Attending TEDxTelAvivSalon, June 2012
TEDxTelAviv Salons are small and by invitation. RSVP for this salon is now closed.

Attending TEDxTelAviv, April 2010
We invite you to join TEDxTelAviv Live on April 26th:

  • Join Simulcast Events from Galilee to Beer Sheva, Jaffo to Raanana, TED fans are gathering and you’re invited. Powered by NGN Technology of Bezeq and Bezeq International IT Solutions, these events are free and open to the public. Full details here:
  • Watch us on the Web from your couch as the full program will be streamed live on Globes TV here
  • Stream to your iPhone, iPodTouch and iPad – The TEDxTelAviv app is free & ready for you to download from the app store
  • Please Note: There are no more invitations available to attend at Nalaga’at on the day