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18 Jul

Karen Tal: Thriving On Turmoil

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In this talk School Principal Karen Tal shares how to create an educational miracle – academic success in the most unlikely school. Watch as she takes us on a virtual tour of the Bialik-Rogozine School, with 800 students from 48 different nations, many refugees without legal status, and explains how to navigate through the turbulent [...]

21 Apr

5 Days To Go…Ask Questions

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Have a question for TEDxTelAviv Speakers? With just 5 days to go … now you can easily post your TEDxTelAviv questions here in the comments or via twitter. To ask your questions via twitter: Add @TEDxTelAviv #Q +Initials of speaker, venue (optional), + your question e.g @TEDxTelAviv #Q BG What is TED going to be [...]

19 Apr

7 Days To Go…TEDxTelAviv Simulcast Events Map

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We’re sorry that Nalaga’at is full BUT don’t worry… Attend TEDxTelAviv live via one of the many simulcast events happening around Israel. Find a event near you Find detailed directions via the google map You can also watch live via iphone, ipad and ipod touch – download our app here

16 Apr

10 Days To Go…Sylvia Earle’s Wish To Protect Our Oceans

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With 10 days to go to TEDxTelAviv and a volcano erupting off the coast of Iceland, it seemed to be timely to share TED Prize winner Slyvia Earle‘s wish to protect our oceans – because “health to the ocean means health to us”.

15 Apr

11 Days To Go…TEDxTelAviv 2010 Program & Speakers List

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11 days to go to TEDxTelAviv 2010…browse below for a taste of what’s to come! TEDxTelAviv 2010 Program & Speakers list

12 Apr

Happy to Announce our Partnership with Better Place

blog, TEDxTelAviv by maya

TEDxTelAviv attendees at Nalaga’at will get to go on a special ‘switching’ experience during breaks and take the Better Place electric vehicle on a test drive through the streets of Jaffa. All this and Better, on April 26th…

10 Apr

Natalie Merchant Sings A Poem To Life

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And now, some music. Here, Natalie Merchant sings a near-forgotten 19th-century poem to life:

02 Apr

How To Start A Movement In 3 Minutes

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Watch Derek Sivers & learn: Especially like the focus on nuturing your followers! And of course, Happy holidays!!

26 Mar

Shekhar Kapur: How To Unleash Your Inner Storyteller

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“We are the stories we tell ourselves” “Where does inspiration spring from” Watch as Hollywood/Bollywood director, filmmaker and storyteller, Shekhar Kapur, shares his story at TEDIndia:

15 Mar

LXD: The Next Evolution of Dance

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“No special effects. No wires. Real people. Real powers.” “Dance has never had a better friend than technology…” – John Chu Start this week with a buzz with this TED ‘talk’ on the LXD: The Legion of Extraordinary Dancers, filmmaker John Chu…and the next evolution of dance.

21 Feb

TEDxTelAviv 26.4.10 – Attend A Simulcast Event

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TEDxTelAviv ‘Thriving on Turmoil’ is a one-day Spring celebration of imagination and inspiration combining local zest with the TED tradition of ideas worth spreading. Due to overwhelming response, registration for the main event in Tel Aviv is now closed. But you can still be a part of the day! We invite you to join us [...]

21 Feb

Bill Gates’ Vision for Zero Emissions

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Arguably one of the most important talks from TED2010, watch as Bill Gates unveils his vision for the world’s energy future: Zero carbon emissions globally by 2050. You can also read Bill’s reflections on the experience of talking at TED here

17 Feb

TEDxTelAviv In Globes Today

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If you want to read more about TED and TEDxTelAviv (in hebrew) you can read it in today’s Globes article online. You can also see the real thing (ie the non-digital version), on our flickr page. Click here to apply to TEDxTelAviv 2010 Please note: Registration to TEDxTelAviv 2010 closes on February 20th.

03 Feb

TED at 25: A Brief History

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Last year, I.D. Magazine created a brief history and timeline of TED. Whether you’re familiar with TED or not, it’s a great way to explore just some of how the TED conference changed the face of invention: Mid-1990s: The dot-com bubble balloons; venture-capital cash and lucrative stock options flow like cheap champagne. 1994: Entrepreneur Jeff [...]

26 Jan

Best of The Web: Taylor Mali on What Teachers Make

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One of our favourite TEDtalks here is on School Kills Creativity. In a similar spirit, watch this  slam poetry “talk”, by Taylor Mali on “What Teachers Make”: This talk is part of the new TED collection “Best of the Web”. You can submit your own suggestions by emailing with “Best of the Web suggestion” [...]

18 Jan

Alain de Botton: A Kinder, Gentler Philosophy of Success

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In a career mini-crisis? In need of instant pick-me-up? Or just want to view a new way to look at work? Watch one of our favorites from TEDGlobal 2009: Alain de Botton builds a witty case to move beyond snobbery to find true pleasure in our work.

13 Jan

TEDxTelAviv Press Release

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13 Jan

TEDxTelAviv 2010: Registration Close Feb 20th

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TEDxTelAviv ‘Thriving on Turmoil’ – a one-day Spring celebration of imagination and inspiration which will take place at Nalaga’at Center in Tel Aviv on April 26, 2010. The event will feature profound thinking, jaw dropping demonstrations and sprinkles of entertainment, combining local zest with the TED tradition of ideas worth spreading. Register Now >> ***Please [...]

12 Jan

Dance & Tales To Change The World: Mallika Sarabhai

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It’s common for TED to be about stories, but in this TEDIndia talk, Mallikka starts with a traditional tale & dance to tell a seemingly harmless story to open our eyes to who gets justice…And shows us how art is the language for changing the world. Powerful and moving! I invite you to watch and [...]

02 Dec

Elizabeth Gilbert On Nurturing Your Genius

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“What is it specifically about creative ventures that seems to make us really nervous about each others mental health in the way that other careers kinda don’t…” Writer Elizabeth Gilbert explores why is it that creativity and suffering must be linked? What is another way of exploring genius and nurturing our creativity? Like her book [...]