18 Jul

Adina Tal: Nalaga’at Vision

TEDxTelAviv by natalie

Adina Tal shares her funny and inspiring tale of how she went from never meeting a deaf or blind person to starting the only deaf-blind theater in the world: Nalaga’at in Jaffa, Israel.

18 Jul

Isaac Berzin: Fill it Up, with Seaweed

TEDxTelAviv by natalie

Isaac Berzin shares his small solution for a big problem — carbon emissions and renewable energy meet algae.

18 Jul

Noa Wertheim: Vertigo Vision

TEDxTelAviv by natalie

An electrifying performance by the Vertigo Dance Company followed by inspiring Noa Wertheim, Vertigo’s founder, who tells of her journey to dance and her responses to the world we live in. You can find Vertigo Dance Company performing at Suzanne Dellal, Tel-Aviv Birth of the Phoenix | Mana | White Noise A Trilogy- three pieces [...]

18 Jul

Karen Tal: Thriving On Turmoil

blog, TEDxTelAviv by natalie

In this talk School Principal Karen Tal shares how to create an educational miracle – academic success in the most unlikely school. Watch as she takes us on a virtual tour of the Bialik-Rogozine School, with 800 students from 48 different nations, many refugees without legal status, and explains how to navigate through the turbulent [...]

18 Jul

Haim Shafir: The Paradox of Creativity

TEDxTelAviv by natalie
TEDX Tel Aviv

In this interactive talk Haim Shafir shows us how to ‘un-trap’ our creative block.

15 Jul

And Now The Good News: TEDxTelAviv Talks Released

Featured by maya

Post production turned out a much more time consuming and complex task than we first thought. Basically, we had abundance of raw footage of about 6 different audio and video sources and of various qualities and we really wanted to put together the best mix for each talk. Who’s to thank? It’s the unbelievable commitment [...]

03 May

Sneak Peak: Asaf Avidan & Hadas Klainman + Lots of Photos!

Featured by natalie

The videos are in post-production but here’s a little taste of the day: Asaf Avidan and Hadas Klainman And of course, here is the link to the TEDxTelAviv photo collection – help us by tagging yourself and your friends! More to come…

27 Apr

Thank You!!! Videos To Come!

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It’s the day after and we’re all still buzzing! Thank you to ALL of you who made yesterday so amazing – from the powerful speakers, the audience (live, simulcast and all of you who came to watch online!!), to the music, dance, magical moments and more… We’ll be posting the individual talks here and on [...]

26 Apr

TEDxTelAviv is Here – Join Us Via Simulcast Events, iphone and …

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TEDxTelAviv is finally here! And we’d love to have you watch in today. We invite you to watch TEDxTelAviv Live today: * Watch us on the Web Watch from your couch as the full program will be streamed live on Globes TV here * Stream to your iPhone, iPodTouch and iPad – The TEDxTelAviv app [...]

25 Apr

1 Day to Go…D is For Design

TEDxTelAviv by natalie

1 day to go to TEDxTelAviv!!!! Looking forward to sharing more from tomorrow but in the lead-up here are a few great design-related talks from TED: Scott McCloud on Understanding Comics Rives‘ Typographical Fairytale Jonathan Harris On The Web’s Secret Stories Philippe Starck on Design See you next at TEDxTelAviv!

24 Apr

2 Days to Go…E Is For Entertainment

TEDxTelAviv by natalie

With only 2 days to go I thought you’d enjoy this inspiring talk by director James Cameron:

23 Apr

3 Days To Go…T is For Technology

TEDxTelAviv by natalie

With just three days to go to TEDxTelAviv here are some of our favourite technology talks from TED around the world: Blaise Aguera y Arcas Demos Photosynth Pattie Maes and Pranav Mistry Demo SixthSense William Kamkwamba On Building A Windmill At 14: Plus, from TED’s Best of The Web – Steve Jobs On How To [...]

22 Apr

4 Days To Go…See You At The After Party

TEDxTelAviv by natalie

With just 4 days to go…you can register to attend the TEDxTelAviv After Party! Following the TED tradition of having a killer party to close the event, TEDxTelAviv will have an after party complete with food, drink and live music by Assaf Avidan. So, even if you didn’t make the main event, you can still [...]

21 Apr

5 Days To Go…Ask Questions

blog by natalie

Have a question for TEDxTelAviv Speakers? With just 5 days to go … now you can easily post your TEDxTelAviv questions here in the comments or via twitter. To ask your questions via twitter: Add @TEDxTelAviv #Q +Initials of speaker, venue (optional), + your question e.g @TEDxTelAviv #Q BG What is TED going to be [...]

20 Apr

6 Days To Go…Talk To Me About…

TEDxTelAviv by natalie

Talk to me about: Ideas, golf, interactive, …anything. With just 6days to go, here’s a tag cloud of what TEDxTelAviv things attendees us to ‘talk to them about’: TEDxTelAviv-TalkTo Me About Tag Cloud What do you want us to talk to you about?

19 Apr

7 Days To Go…TEDxTelAviv Simulcast Events Map

blog by natalie

We’re sorry that Nalaga’at is full BUT don’t worry… Attend TEDxTelAviv live via one of the many simulcast events happening around Israel. Find a event near you Find detailed directions via the google map You can also watch live via iphone, ipad and ipod touch – download our app here

18 Apr

8 Days To Go…Spotlight: Meet TED Hebrew Translators

TEDxTelAviv by natalie

A few weeks ago we shared information on TED’s open translation project, also thanking the Hebrew translators who have volunteered their time to make over 220 TED talks available in Hebrew! And now I have the opportunity to introduce 3 of them – all of whom are attending TEDxTelAviv. Meet Shlomo Adam, Yifat Ben Yaacov [...]

17 Apr

9 Days to Go…Randy Pausch Famous Last Lecture

TEDxTelAviv by natalie

With 9 days to go to TEDxTelAviv, I thought I’d share another TED’s best of the web. In this inspiring talk, Carnegie Mellon Professor, Randy Pausch, who was dying of pancreatic cancer, delivers his a one-of-a-kind last lecture – on how to really achieve your childhood dreams.

16 Apr

10 Days To Go…Sylvia Earle’s Wish To Protect Our Oceans

blog by natalie

With 10 days to go to TEDxTelAviv and a volcano erupting off the coast of Iceland, it seemed to be timely to share TED Prize winner Slyvia Earle‘s wish to protect our oceans – because “health to the ocean means health to us”.

15 Apr

11 Days To Go…TEDxTelAviv 2010 Program & Speakers List

blog by natalie

11 days to go to TEDxTelAviv 2010…browse below for a taste of what’s to come! TEDxTelAviv 2010 Program & Speakers list