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Our Speakers

Ram Bergman
STAR WARS Producer

Star Wars producer Ram Bergman is used to doing his magic behind the scenes, but at TEDxTelAviv he will be in the spotlight himself for the first time. With the studio’s approval for another Star Wars trilogy Ram has only the world’s largest fanbase hopes’ – on his shoulders.

Prof. Dedi Meiri

How did Israel become a cannabis empire? Prof Dedi Meiri is the head of the world’s leading cannabis lab in the Technion. In TEDxTelAviv he will tell us how they beat cancer with drugs, so world leaders come to his lab to watch the wonder.


The intriguing singer Dikla experienced every possible struggle on her way to the top – born to an unsupportive family, trying to get by on Tel Aviv’s streets until she conquered the largest stages in Israel. On the TEDxTelAviv stage she will inspire us all with an astonishing story and make us dance & sing to her greatest songs at Heichal Hatarbut!

Dr. Orna Berry

After she shattered every possible glass ceiling in high tech, and served as Israel’s chief scientist – Dr. Berry will share on the TEDxTelAviv stage how she is battling the tough cancer that struck her, using the scientific tools she acquired over the years. Orna will put the healthcare system on trial and make it face its own black mirror.

Prof. Ran Balicer

In his role as Founding Director of one of Israel’s leading Research Institutes, and as a leader of innovation platforms, Prof. Ran Balicer is at the forefront of global healthcare. In his view, the fact we are still spending hours in the waiting room to see a physician is absurd, and in the near future, predictive technology and Artificial Intelligence will be a key component of healthcare provision.

Ziv Shilon

Platoon leader of the Givati brigade, that lost his arm and turned into a symbol, thought the hard part was behind him. Nothing could prepare him for his daughter’s severe albinism that is slowly causing her to lose her sight. But just in those difficult moments Captain Shilon rises and becomes the Iron Man he truly is.

Dr. Orit Wolf

The renowned composer and pianist started performing at the age of 8 and since then conquered every possible stage winning the most honorable awards around the world. Today she is researching the connection between creativity, leadership and art while lecturing about innovation & management through music.

Yaron Kafkafi

Are starts born with star qualities? The king of musicals, who directed and composed dozens of plays, researched for 25 years and found a pattern within unordinary actors who succeed. Now, Yaron claims that if you apply his theory on yourself, you can be a start too.




Pyromania is a creative production team that is driven by the desire to entertain and amaze audiences of all ages and cultures. This desire compels them to constantly raise the standard of creativity and execution and forever challenge the conventional.
On TEDx stage, Pyromania will surprise you with high-end performance technologies, outstanding video art combine with the best dancers, artists and musicians. Prepared to be amazed, and let the games begin.




The intriguing artist that surprises us again and again is arriving to present an extraordinary show at TEDxTelAviv! Dikla is the writer & composer (all though the doesn’t know how to write notes) of award winning songs that have peaked the A-lists. Dikla’s songs expose a variety of crowds to exciting compositions that juggle between styles & influences in a way that touches each and every one of us. Her complex life story is revealed through each one of her songs while she pours her heart out in every single song.

Gilad Adin



One of Israel’s senior journalists and executives. For 20 years, Gilad was a director, an editor, a producer and anchor of the evening news. CEO and Chief editor of Channel 10 News. Lecturer at the School of Communications at the Interdisciplinary Center Hertzlia. Gilad is an expert in the use of television tools in new media, specializes in the integration of content and innovative technology and in providing holistic solutions for all the media needs of organizations and companies. Gilad also is the strategic advisor of leaders around the world in the fields of image, communication and political campaigns.

Yadin Soffer



Surprised by the fact that his University doesn’t have a formal TEDx event former B.Sc student at Tel Aviv University Yadin Soffer founded TEDxTelAviv, a platform for ideas worth spreading. In recent years Yadin has worked with CEO’s & entrepreneurs on keynote speeches and prepared executives for public speaking. Today Yadin is the CEO of xperiti that he co founded with serial entrepreneur Dr. Rafi Gidron, xperiti’s mission is to organize the worlds knowledge and make it universally accessible. As a firm believer that physical health is a catalyst for creativity Yadin is a Wingate Institute Graduate, Certified Personal Trainer and Dance Teacher.

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