TEDxTelAviv, April 2010

The first TEDxTelAviv was made possible thanks to the help of leading Israeli companies. The major sponsors are Pelephone and Excellence-Nashua, joined by Globes, Carmel Ventures and Microsoft® Israel R&D Center. In-kind supporters include Nascent Group, TAI Group, Shalom Tel-Aviv, The Imagine Network, Bezeq, Bezeq International, Better Place, Cotendo, Leadel, *22, YCD Multimedia, Stella Artois, Tishbi Winery and Studio Aiko.

Pelephone Excellence Globes
LogoCarmelRGB_200PXL Microsoft Israel R&D
Nascent TAI Shalom-TelAviv The-Imagine-Network Cotendo
Better Place Windman Bezeq Bezeq Beinleumi Leadel
Stella-Artois Tishbi-Winery YCD 22 Live YCD