TEDxTelAvivSalon, June 2012 Speakers

DrBAAvi Barliya holds a PhD in mathematics and computer science from the Weizmann Institute of science. For many years he studied the human motor system and gained expertise in how the brain perceives, plans and controls movement. After completing his PhD, Avi joined Primesense research group and brought his skills to use in the development of the kinect system.

Nowadays, Avi is back in the Weizmann Institute conducting research in the motor control field. Furthermore, Avi is the Attitude & Orbit control systems group manager at SpaceIL – an Israeli nonprofit organization competing for the Google Lunar X-prize with the goal of landing a spaceship on the moon by the year 2015.

enonEnon Landenberg is the co-founder and the managing partner of Publicis E-Dologic, the first Israeli interactive agency, which was founded in 1999 with Doron Tal. The two set the tone for the Israeli interactive field and under Enon’s leadership, Publicis E-Dologic launched revolutionary campaigns for leading companies such as Coca-Cola, Mazda, Ford, Orange, Osem, Nestle and more. In 2001 E-Dologic became a part of the Publicis Group, with Landenberg playing a direct role in creating and managing the firm’s strategy while participating on the boards of several companies.

doronDoron Marco is serial inventor, with over 100 registered patents in his personal IP portfolio. Before WHITE Innovation, Doron founded or co-founded several other companies, including Skinlap (automatic injectors for administering medication), Citala (flexible displays), D Crown (a unique catheter that has multiple diameter settings), and Tulip Medical Company (bio-medical devices). An autodidact, Doron brings unusual creativity and vision to the innovation process. Using his remarkable ability to identify both needs and the solutions to those needs, Doron has carved out his niche – helping other companies develop new technologies.

ItayTalgamItay Talgam - After a decade-long conducting career in his native Israel, Itay Talgam has reinvented himself as a conductor of people in business. Itay Talgam finds metaphors for organizational behavior — and models for inspired leadership — within the workings of the symphony orchestra. Imagining music as a model for all spheres of human creativity, from the classroom to the boardroom, Talgam created the Maestro Program of seminars and workshops.

yankiYanki Margalit built his first computer at the age of 14, started his first business at 15, and was kicked out of school at 17. In 1984 Yanki built KnowPro, a software program that used artificial intelligence to help human experts in their decision-making process. To protect his software against piracy, Yanki developed the HASP, a hardware- based software protection key. With these two products he started Aladdin Knowledge Systems in 1985. Under his leadership as Chairman & CEO, Aladdin grew to become a global company (Nasdaq/ALDN). Since then, Yanki has been busy thinking and speaking about technology, entrepreneurship, innovation, and human evolution, while nurturing a new love affair with molecular biology and biotechnology. Since the mid-nineties, Yanki has supported the creation and development of many nonprofit organizations and social enterprises. Yanki is the chairman of SpaceIL , and is currently engaged in starting a Singularity Incubator that will seek to nourish early-stage technology start-ups that aim to address humanity’s major challenges.

ManorLior Manor is a Leading Corporate Infotainer. From Singapore through Europe to the US, Lior Manor helps companies deliver messages using Mind reading and Mind writing. Lior is an expert in a wide range of techniques: Body Language, None Verbal Communication, Special Memory, Mind Reading, Social Networking and some more strange and wonderful methods.


TEDxTelAviv, April 2010 Speakers

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