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25 Apr

1 Day to Go…D is For Design

TEDxTelAviv by natalie

1 day to go to TEDxTelAviv!!!! Looking forward to sharing more from tomorrow but in the lead-up here are a few great design-related talks from TED: Scott McCloud on Understanding Comics Rives‘ Typographical Fairytale Jonathan Harris On The Web’s Secret Stories Philippe Starck on Design See you next at TEDxTelAviv!

06 Oct

Paula Scher Talks Serious About Play (& Design)

blog by natalie

I just read an article about designer Paula Scher (you know her work – the citigroup logo…) and there was a link to her TED video so of course I had to share: “I play when I design…I even looked it up in the dictionary to make sure I do that…But the serious part is [...]

07 Jul

The Design Genius Of Charles and Ray Eames: A Tribute

blog by natalie

Before watching this I admit to thinking of husband and wife team Eames as amazing “chair designers”. So it is a pleasure to discover their range of works: videos, architecture, projects and interests (clowning?!) through rare footage and photos in this delightful tribute to their design process by their grandson, Eames Demetrios.