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18 Jul

Karen Tal: Thriving On Turmoil

blog, TEDxTelAviv by natalie

In this talk School Principal Karen Tal shares how to create an educational miracle – academic success in the most unlikely school. Watch as she takes us on a virtual tour of the Bialik-Rogozine School, with 800 students from 48 different nations, many refugees without legal status, and explains how to navigate through the turbulent [...]

28 Feb

Temple Grandin: On Autism & Many Kinds of Minds

TEDxTelAviv by natalie

“The world is going to need all these different kinds of minds working together. We’ve got to work on developing all these different kinds of minds” Temple Grandin is a Dr, a specialist in designing animal handling systems, and also autistic. Listen to her thoughts about how the world needs many kind of minds, and [...]

30 Jun

Arthur Benjamin Talks Mathematics

TEDxTelAviv by natalie

“The world has changed from analog to digital – and it’s time for our mathematics curriculum to change too…” In this short but powerful TEDTalk Mathematics Professor and Magician Arthur Benjamin proposes a bold alternative to Calculus as the “top of the mathematics curriculum pyramid”. Discover it here:

15 May

Friday Morning 18-Min Soul Munchies: The Brilliant (and hilarious) Sir Ken Robinson says Schools Kill Creativity

TEDxTelAviv by maya

This is one of ten all time most popular TEDTalks! Creativity expert Sir Ken Robinson challenges the way we’re educating our children. He champions a radical rethink of our school systems, to cultivate creativity and acknowledge multiple types of intelligence. Also available with Hebrew translation.