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03 Feb

TED at 25: A Brief History

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Last year, I.D. Magazine created a brief history and timeline of TED. Whether you’re familiar with TED or not, it’s a great way to explore just some of how the TED conference changed the face of invention: Mid-1990s: The dot-com bubble balloons; venture-capital cash and lucrative stock options flow like cheap champagne. 1994: Entrepreneur Jeff [...]

16 Jan

How To Help Haiti

TEDxTelAviv by natalie

Our thoughts are with Haiti…But “what can we do?” Image (c) Eduardo Munoz/Reuters Here is a re-post of an answer from TED’s curator, Chris Anderson: Numerous members of the TED community have sought to find a way to help victims of the Haiti quake. We believe one of the organizations best placed to make an [...]

13 Jan

TEDxTelAviv Press Release

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13 Aug

Jimmy Wales On The Birth Of Wikipedia

blog by natalie

When was the last time you went to an encyclopaedia for information? And how often have you read a wikipedia article? In this TEDtalk from 2005(!!), Wikipedia founder, Jimmy Wales, takes us through from “a very radical idea…to give every person on the planet access to the sum of all human knowledge…” that has become [...]

15 Jul

Sophal Ear: Escaping the Khmer Rouge And His Journey Since

TEDxTelAviv by natalie

Watch TED Fellow, development economist and political scientist Sophal Ear as he shares his deeply personal story of how his family escaped from the Khmer Rouge: And then wander over to the TED blog to read a treat of a Q&A: more of his personal refugee experience and his path in international policy and development. [...]

07 Jul

The Design Genius Of Charles and Ray Eames: A Tribute

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Before watching this I admit to thinking of husband and wife team Eames as amazing “chair designers”. So it is a pleasure to discover their range of works: videos, architecture, projects and interests (clowning?!) through rare footage and photos in this delightful tribute to their design process by their grandson, Eames Demetrios.

20 Jun

The Science of Happiness

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It seemed like a nice way to start the week, with two speakers focusing on happiness: “Happiness is not just the absence of misery” is one of the findings Nancy Etcoff, the instructor of “The Science of Happiness” at Harvard Medical School, shares with us as she explores research and theories on happiness, pleasure and [...]

23 May

The Future We Will Create

TEDxTelAviv by maya

The Future We Will Create is an exhilarating behind-the-scenes tour of the stimulating and paradigm-shifting meeting of the minds, the Cirque du Soleil of the psyche, aka theĀ  TED confereces. Directed and narrated by actress Daphne Zuniga, this intellectually-charged film captures the best of TED 2006, including mind-blowing appearances by former Vice President Al Gore, [...]

13 May

TEDTalks Open Translation Project Just Launched and Hebrew Up There with the Most Translated To

TEDxTelAviv by maya

TED just launched the new Open Translation Project which brings TEDTalks beyond the English-speaking world by offering subtitles, interactive transcripts and the ability for any talk to be translated by volunteers worldwide. The most translated TEDTalk (24 languages!) is this exciting talk by Hans Rosling, which with the drama and urgency of a sportscaster, debunks [...]