The TEDx Movie –  All the Highlights


The greatest teacher of my life | Doron Almog 

Could Computers | Prof. Yoav Shoham 

The future of medicine | Prof. Aaron Ciechanover 

Don’t look for fashion models, look for role models | Lauren Wasser

How to create a masterpiece | Gil Shohat

The greatness of weakness | Rita Yahan-Farouz 

How personal is your personal taste? | Ruthie Rousso 

Change begins from without | Orly Shay

Autonomous ride towards a new reality | Limmor Kfiri 

How computers predict us | Dr. Nimrod Kozlovski

The story of automated drones | Ran Krauss

Rotem Bashi | Augmented Reality to the rescue



The Hollywood Year | Yadin Soffer

Opening Act | Tararam Group

Musical Performance | RITA

Broom Act | Tararam Group

Drum show with audience participation | Tararam Group

Street Art | Dan Groover & DJ Nenzo 

Our Speakers

All talks are presented in English and translated simultaneously to Hebrew

Lauren Wasser

Special Guest - Model Activist

Top model Lauren Wasser lost her leg to toxic shock syndrome. What would of easily broken any one of us strengthed Lauren. Since then she has taken over runways and single handedly managed to change how the fashion industry looks at disabilites. Wasser has managed to start a powerful dialogue about safety and continue her career in…

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Dr. Nimrod Kozlovski

Cyber Security Expert

You all know we know everything about you because of social networks. But TEDxTelAviv guests will find out we know things about them that they themselves don’t even know yet. Dr. Nimrod Kozlovski, will expose on the TEDxTelAviv stage how we can predict each and every one of our futures using big data.

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Limor Kfiri

Law Student

Would you trust a robot with your life? Autonomous vehicles have stepped out of Hollywood into our everyday and all the tech giants want to be a part of the revolution. But what happens when our car will have to decide: crash into a wall to save a pedestrian? and who will take the blame?…

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Prof. Aaron Ciechanover


Nobel Prize Winner Professor Aaron Ciechanover and his team discovered an important process in our cells that enable protein digestion. With over 50 honorary doctorates, he will stand on the TEDxTelAviv stage and present as a “tourist that happened to peek into in a discovery that has been here since the beginning of time”. A…

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Rita Yahan-Farouz

Israeli Performer

You probably think you know everything about Israels greatest performer but that’s exactly why you’ll be taken aback by the enthralling talk she’s preparing for TEDxTelAviv. Israel’s most well-known singer and actress burst into our lives exactly 30 years ago with “The Escape Path” and in this show will give us all closure with an…

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Gil Shohat

Classical music composer

Gil Shohat is a conductor, pianist and most of all a prized international music phenomenon bringing respect to Israel around the globe. But Shohat is also a creator shaking the tectonic plates of classical music, breaking consensus’s, and arousing criticism from those who see him as a provocator of the classical industry. On the TEDx stage…

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Ruthie Rousso

Journalist and Chef

While travelling as an ambassador of Israeli cuisine all around the world chef and journalist Ruthie Rousso looks at a dish and sees it all: mothers and wars, exchange rates and GDP rankings, multinational food corporations and small farmers, health services and schools.

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Orly Shay


Forget everything you ever thought about styling and instead of standing in front of the mirror log in to your computer and run the new algorithm that will tell you exactly what you need to wear to look stunning. Orly Shay, a styling expert, will prove on the TEDxTelAviv stage that fashion and design is…

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Rotem Bashi

Lead Programmer, Major

Star Wars isn’t a fantasy. A new connection between Microsoft and the IDF has led to the development of technologies shaping the battlefield of the future. Lead programmer in the IDF,  Rotem Bashi will demonstrate augmented reality while showing us live examples of science that is not-at-all fiction anymore.  

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Prof. Yoav Shoham

Professor Emeritus at Stanford University

Can a computer be creative? Feel? Be conscious? On first thought you’ll probably dismiss the idea but if you take a moment think about it you’ll see the tech giants are already there. We have self taught robots who write movie scripts, a robots that can drive and even robots that beat us at thinking…

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Doron Almog

ALEH Negev Founder

The infantry soldier who commanded elite units and served as a Major General in the IDF received the Israeli prize this year for an outstanding contribution to the country and to society, all thanks to his son Eran that suffered from mental retardation.

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Ran Krauss

CEO & Co-Founder

With the hype around autonomous vehicles sometimes it seems as we’ve forgotten our childhood dream: flying cars. No, Ran didn’t invent the first flying car, but the companies he’s founded create the next best thing – autonomous drones. To control Airobotics drones you won’t need a license, or training because they are completely automatic. Maybe…

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Yadin Soffer

Executive Director


Surprised by the fact that his University doesn’t have a formal TEDx event, 21-year-old B.Sc student at Tel Aviv University Yadin Soffer founded TEDxTelAviv, a platform for ideas worth spreading. At 19 he published his first patent in the USPTO for his venture, and by 21 shared his own idea on the TEDx stage. Yadin is an avid autodidact and works in a wide array of different fields amongst them: computer science, design and speaker development. As a firm believer that physical health is a catalyst for creativity Yadin is a Wingate Institute Graduate, Certified Personal Trainer and Dance Teacher. Yadins Website

Gilad Adin



One of Israel’s senior journalists and executives. For 20 years, Gilad was a director, an editor, a producer and anchor of the evening news. CEO and Chief editor of Channel 10 News. Lecturer at the School of Communications at the Interdisciplinary Center Hertzlia. Gilad is an expert in the use of television tools in new media, specializes in the integration of content and innovative technology and in providing holistic solutions for all the media needs of organizations and companies. Gilad also is the strategic advisor of leaders around the world in the fields of image, communication and political campaigns.




RITA is by far the most celebrated and successful singer in Israel. Three decades after her career began; Rita continues to prove – with crowded theaters and stadiums alike and with multi-platinum albums – that she is the biggest female vocalist in Israel.


Musical Band


A versatile group of Israeli artists, performing in Israel and abroad over 20 years. Tararam combines different types of drumming, dance and original musical pieces by Doron Refaeli. The groups style combines ethnic and cultural influences that are inspired by the cultural versatility in Israel. The final product that defines Tararam Group is a strong global beat, inviting everyone to it.

Dan Groover



Dan Groover is a French-Israeli Artist and painter who has over time combined, his personal progress to the most modern techniques in his art work. Just like Jacob’s ladder, placed as a bridge between Heaven and Earth, Dan Groover applies a universal dimension to contemporary techniques of his art that is meant to be accessible to all, employing the graphical language and the visual of Pop Art and Street Art.